New work- Paintings

Hello- i've been working on a TV show based out of New Orleans for the last few months. The change has been great. Food, culture, architecture, music. This town has it all. And then some.

    Being away from home has also allowed me to get back to painting. I used to paint as a kid and i just stopped. Who knows why. So I've been painting with watercolors, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink, anything and everything. Working on ideas i have wanted to execute for a while. Back to basics.

    Since i'm also away from my shop, i'm also forced to work smaller. So- new work. Wood blocks. Small landscapes. Paint on paper. Enjoy. Cheers.  


New Work- Cold Beer, Ice Cream and Cocktails Signs

These are all hand painted miniature signs. Cold Beer, Ice Cream and Cocktails. I paint what i see around me. 

Hand painted, Hand made in LA

Materials: plywood, paint, found wood, wood trim, glue, beer 12" x 12". 

More info here

New Work- Wood Panel Prints

I finally got around to creating smaller versions of some of my original paintings. Here are a few. Wood Panel Prints. 8" x 8". Heavyweight Paper mounted  to 3/8" Birch plywood. Sealed with several UV Clear coat and slightly distressed. Ships ready to hang. You can purchase them here. thanks!

New Work- Ruksa Liquor Sign

This is "Ruksa Liquor"- a replica of a Liquor Store sign in Los Angeles. It is such a great sign that informs everyone exactly what you can expect inside. Lottery, liquor and money orders. 

Hand painted, Hand made in LA

Materials: plywood, paint, found wood, wood trim, glue, beer. 48" x 48" x 6"

New Work - California Donuts Sign

This is "California Donuts"- a replica of a Donut sign in Los Angeles. I love taking pictures of Donut Signs. I drive past this one often. I don't eat a lot of donuts but when i do my favorite is a Kruller. Enjoy. 

Hand painted, Hand made in LA

Materials: plywood, paint, found wood, wood trim, glue, donuts. 24" x 24" x 1.5"

Unique LA Christmas 2013

A huge Shout out to Sonja and Aisha for putting on another great Unique LA show. Such a jam packed weekend of seeing fellow vendors, new customers and existing customers. I love Unique LA.