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  I've always dabbled with artwork. I took painting classes in the 4th grade and studied graphic design in college. My first love has always been photography. I love the freedom that digital cameras have given us. In the old days- you would shoot a roll of film- wait a day or two while it was getting developed- simply to find out you only got 5 pictures in focus. Now with digital- You can take a hundred pictures of something and get about 20 good ones- immediately. I love film- but i really love digital. It's immediate. My camera of choice right now is the Canon Rebel T2i.  It's a great camera and serves my needs.

   I started doing my artwork professionally a few years ago as a release from my day job. I spend a lot of time in the car (argh!) and I always have my camera with me looking for something to photograph. I'm attracted to what i call the  C.H.I.P.S version of LA. I gravitate towards buildings and parts of town that look like it could still be 1977. That is the LA i knew growing up in Georgia. I try to take different routes to and from work and i'm always driving through different neighborhoods.  Most of my artwork comes from what i drive past on a daily basis. I'm inspired by the culture of this city. 

  In my free time- I enjoy traveling, photography, painting, and working on a Mac. I enjoy a good meal with friends. I live in Los Angeles with my Art Director wife Celeste and our 3 dogs,  Buddie, Pico, and Nova. All rescues. 

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