Blogs or sites who have blogged or mentioned my artwork. Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate it! 

Updated 20121109


LA Times - Unique LA- California Cutouts mention

The Beach Reporter - Coffee Bean Artwork install mention

Wendy's Commercial - Artwork was used in a Wendy's commercial. Thanks Valda.

LA Times - Jonathan Gold quiz- Artwork used for story

Fresh Rag - Graffiti Truck prints mention


LA Times Blog- HD ButterCup pop up shop  - Small wood prints mention


LAMA Designs - Circle H Market- Taco truck note cards mention



 California Taco Trucks  - interview

Calibrarian Blog - Small birch prints - NYC Food Cart Prints

Men and Women of Industry - large giclee' prints

LA Times Blog - taco truck mention

 Thisnext - Sushi to go prints

 Poppytalk Motel Pools mention

 rachel leonard-my right brain NYC Food Cart mention

 Classic Catastrophe Taco Truck blip

Serious eats NYC Food Cart mention

Thrillist - New York NYC Food Cart article

apartment therapy- San Francisco -Taco Truck prints mention - Apartment Prints blip

Eat Los Angeles - Taco Truck prints mention - Taco Truck prints post Taco trucks shout out - tack truck Blog

Thrillist Los Angeles - Taco Trucks mention



sneakpique blog - Apartment Prints

girlinthegreendress blog - Chois Liquor Store - n100 print - Apartment prints mention

loveletterstosanfrancisco blog  - Apartment Prints mention

insideout blog

iloveportlandhomes blog - Apartment Prints blog

beachbungalow8 blog - Apartment Prints mention

alwaysinstyle blog - Matted Prints mention

therauths blog - Artwork mention! blog


2007 - Chois Liquor Store - Hughes print